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The NFT project is our first major fundraiser.  The NFTs will be on the Polygon blockchain and your ticket into The SOS Kid's Club Arcade!  Our genesis project will grant our initial sponsors all the spoils of being our original supporters.  They will get lifetime sponsorship badges that will give them many fun surprises down the road!  We have our first easy and fun game in development now!  We have 10,000 individually created pieces of AI art around the themes of Love and Hate, Suicide and Hope, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, Together and Alone.  Stay tuned for more updates!  


Phase 1 (current)

Make a bunch of new friends😁

Begin building our first game!

Phase 2 (25% sold)

Open our SOS merchandise store!❤️

Phase 3 (25-75% sold)

Assemble the army of therapists💪

Launch a massive marketing campaign!

Phase 4 (75-100% sold)

Provide services for survivors👏.

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