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The SOS Kid’s Club is a charitable nonprofit organization supporting the child survivors of suicide.  We are an army of licensed professionals providing in home mental health support to better gauge familial circumstances. Once care has been established the therapist will make monetary recommendations back to the organization to further provide support to our survivors.  



Hi Friends!  That is my standard greeting.  My husband likes to say I don’t know a stranger, only a friend I haven’t met yet.  I graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and went on to study early childhood education, which eventually led me to obtaining another bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  I have continued a lifelong educational path getting a director’s license in both Kansas and Colorado for childcare centers over 100 children, studied addiction counseling, and most recently a real estate license.  I have the most patient husband on the planet, and we have two additional children together.  I am a proud boy mom, Gar 15, Charlie 10, and Max 3.  They are all uniquely special (and a bit wild).  We have amazing health insurance and a fast pass at the emergency room.  I believe in family first.  I live and lead with honor and integrity.  

My ex-husband, and the father of our, and his only child, died by suicide January 6, 2022.  It was hands down the hardest day in my life having to tell my 14-year-old son that his dad had died. Each day presents its own challenges and victories. 

Surviving suicide is a long journey. Don’t do it alone.

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